Scientific Calculator

For those who need a more advance calculator, a scientific calculator is for them. With the ability to complete complex sums using data and a range of functions, a scientific calculator makes sure that the user is able to so what they need to with ease.

With products from well known manufacturers such as Casio, Aurora and Sharp you are guaranteed to be satisfied with whichever product you choose to purchase.

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Casio FX-991EX Scientific Calculator Graphite Casio
  • 552 functions
  • Display: Natural Textbook Display' Natural V.P.A.M
  • High-Resolution LC-Display, 63 x192 dots, 16/10 + 2 digits
  • Energy supply: Solar + Battery (1xLR44)
  • Comes with new slide-on hard case
  • Dimensions (H x W x L): 77 x 165,5 x 11,1 mm
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Casio FX-CG50 Graphic Calculator Graphite Casio
  • High-resolution colour display with over 65,000 colours
  • Innovative image plot application for photo and video analysis
  • 7 colours can be used in various applications
  • Solve equations with integral, differential and probability functions
  • Solve over determined and under determined equations
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